Choosing your kitchen

We will help you plan and design your kitchen because we know its a big decision. Wether you require a contemporary or classic kitchen there’s a lot to think about and the choice on offer can feel bewildering. Italian Kitchen Company is here to help and to give you peace of mind.

Why not visit My Perfect Kitchen on the Second Natures website. It’s a great way to gather ideas on styles and layouts to make the most of your space. Follow 4 simple steps and you´ll have a full design brief to save, print off and discuss with your Second Nature specialist.

Helpful tips

Benefit from design advice and real kitchen installations to find out great little tips that can make all the difference in making your perfect kitchen.

Bespoke pantry

Incorporate a worktop inside a larder, so you can leave everyday appliances such as the coffee machine or toaster plugged in and ready for use.

Cornice lighting

Lighting is very important in all kitchens, but even more so in small kitchens. High gloss worktops and kitchen doors will reflect the light helping to create the illusion of space.

Small islands

If you want an island but don’t have the room for a freestanding one, extend your worktop to create a small breakfast bar. You can do this in a contrasting material to create a design feature as well as a sociable area.

Soft, flowing curves

Contoured ends and gentle curves soften the look of the kitchen and do not mean you need to sacrifice on storage.

Worktop height

Varying the worktop heights in your kitchen not only offers practical benefits, but aesthetic ones too. Ergonomically, it’s important to have the correct height for different tasks. The standard worktop height is designed to work and cook at, but the same level is not comfortable to sit at on a bar stool or chair, and long-term use could potentially lead to bad posture or health problems.

High-gloss finish

A high-gloss finish refelects light around the room. A perfect combination for making the room seem bigger is a white handleless, high gloss kitchen such as Remo. The smooth linear design and integrated handle also help give the feeling of space.

Stainless steel handles

An unfussy stainless steel handle does not detract from the design of a simple contemporary kitchen unit.

Use materials thoughtfully

When varying the heights of worktops to create distinct zones in your kitchen, also consider the materials to suit each area. Granite, for example, is the perfect surface for baking as it´s always cool.

Smart sinks

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the style or size of the sink. There´s a growing range of space-saving sinks for both modern and traditionally designed schemes.
Consider a mini workstation, which may include an integral chopping board and colander, or an ingeniously designed sink that can make clever use of lost corner space.

Solid wood worktops

Solid wood worktops add a natural element to the kitchen and with different species and design features available you can give your kitchen a very individual look.

Pewter handles

Solid pewter handles are the perfect finishing touch for a traditional or painted kitchen. Their natural patina improves with age.

Pan drawers

In a kitchen boasting plenty of space, wide, deep drawers are great for storage. Visually, they create a streamlined, flowing look and, practically, they offer versatile storage for everything from crockery and pans to bowls and bottles. Add illumination that automatically lights up when the drawer is open and everything is immediately on view and at your fingertips.

Neutral colours

Keeping the unit style simple will enhance the feeling of space, so avoid any ornate detailing on the doors.

Mood lighting

Don’t leave your lighting as an afterthought. Make sure the areas where you are doing tasks are well illuminated and choose mood lighting which you can alter in areas where you are going to relax or dine.ook.

Larders make a comeback

The larder is making a major comeback, with a recent surge in popularity due to the growing trend for eating in rather than dining out. The golden rule for including a larder in your kitchen is positioning. It´s important to ensure your larder is in the most useful and accessible place to guarantee good ergonomics and maximum efficiency.

Keep it simple

Choose light or neutral colours for frontals and surfaces, as dark tones will suck light out of a small room.


Try to make sure your key areas of food storage, cooking, refrigeration and sink are all on one side of the island or you’ll be forever walking around it. Place either the hob or sink on the island.

Feature doors

To break up runs of units, a feature door is a great idea.

Creating the illusion of space

A light, linear timber will help the lines flow and make the room feel larger.


Contoured ends and gentle curves soften the look of the kitchen and do not mean you need to sacrifice on storage.

LED lighting

LED lighting emits very little heat and are perfect for lighting up food preparation areas..

Country style

Country style is a relaxed, homely, informal space that creates a warm welcome. Typically there´s an eclectic mix of materials and colours, and the kitchen somehow feels as if it’s always been there. A country kitchen has quirks such as alcoves or different levels so, if your home is relatively new with a symmetrical layout, it’s important to add touches of individuality.

Corner units

There’s no excuse for having an inch of lost space in a corner cabinet. There’s a host of clever solutions for both base and wall units, from magic corners and the iconic Le Mans, to pullout shelves and carousels.rger.


Looking forward, the trend for colours is moving to muted, natural earthy tones with an organic feel, such as fawns and browns. Any brighter colours are tending to be used sparingly, as accents. Strong colours are being used more on fabric and paintwork, which can be updated easily. The exception is black, which is gaining appeal, not just in gloss but on painted and matt surfaces too.